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Thjs underlay is made of pure rubber
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Ziegler rugs were originally crafted in the early to mid-19th century in Persia (modern-day Iran), particularly in the city of Sultanabad (now known as Arak). The Ziegler & Co. workshops were established by a Swiss company named Ziegler & Co., which aimed to create rugs that would cater to the Western market's growing demand for sophisticated and ornate floor coverings. These rugs were characterized by their unique blend of traditional Persian craftsmanship and Western design elements, resulting in a style that appealed to a broader audience.

The Ziegler rugs were often woven using high-quality wool and featured intricate designs with floral patterns, palmettes, vines, and geometric motifs. One of the distinct features of Ziegler rugs was their use of softer, more muted color palettes compared to traditional Persian rugs, making them well-suited for Western interior aesthetics.

Over time, the production of Ziegler rugs extended beyond Sultanabad, spreading to various rug-weaving centers in Persia and even into neighboring countries like Afghanistan. The name "Ziegler" became associated with this unique style of rug, which continued to be produced in different regions, carrying forward the blend of Persian artistry and Western design preferences. Today, while the original Ziegler & Co. workshops no longer operate, the legacy of Ziegler rugs lives on through the continued production of rugs inspired by the original designs and concepts.