Useful facts that keeps your rug nicer, safer and longer lasting!

These are to maintain your rug(s)

rug cleaning
Thjs underlay is made of pure rubber
Rubber Underlay

Antique Persian Shiraz ERG-340

So Beautiful!!! Mid 1880, Vegetable dye, Shiraz. It is so soft that it can be used as a table cloth or a wall tapestry!

Old Afghan Belutch

Very nice narrow Afghan Belutch runner, dimensions: 270cm x 185cm RRP: £349.00

Old Persian Najafabad

A beautifully worn in places Persian Najafabad, 270cm x 185cm. RRP £999.00 I have included many photos! Age approximately 50+ years Good luck

Afghan Royal Ziegler Runner

A Beautiful fine quality Royal Ziegler, pre-owned, 308cm x 79cm, due to it’s age this runner has gained a wonderful and subtle appearance. It adds a warm and an elegant…

Antique Persian Shiraz

A beautiful antique Persian Shiraz, vegetable dye 236cm x 155cm fully cleaned and restored

Item Number 3

Antique, Rare Persian Bakhtiari with animal, bird, fish and dragon motive, ca 200cm x 300cm, Vegetable dye. approximate age 80+ years( it might very well be over a century old).…

Item Number 2

An old Persian Hossein-Abad, beautiful and charming as shown in the photos! 160cm x 109cm. I believe this rug is about 60-70 years old. nicely and evenly worn. There are…


Item Number 6804

a beautiful Pre-Owned Persian Turkmann is up for Auction

Not everything that is shiny is silk!

The term SILK, or Persian is used so loosely when it comes to rugs! Many times I have seen rugs posted as Persian silk rug! Not only they’re not made…


A rug to the floor or to a staircase is like to put on a lovely dress or an impressive suit. you can see in the photos that I am…