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rug cleaning
Thjs underlay is made of pure rubber
Rubber Underlay
Item Number 2

Item Number 2

An old Persian Hossein-Abad, beautiful and charming as shown in the photos! 160cm x 109cm. I believe this rug is about 60-70 years old. nicely and evenly worn. There are no worn spots!


Item Number 6804

a beautiful Pre-Owned Persian Turkmann is up for Auction

Not everything that is shiny is silk!

Not everything that is shiny is silk!

The term SILK, or Persian is used so loosely when it comes to rugs! Many times I have seen rugs posted as Persian silk rug! Not only they’re not made of silk, nor are they Persian! Oh, another nice term is vintage! A Persian rug is considered vintage when it’s about 50 years old and…



A rug to the floor or to a staircase is like to put on a lovely dress or an impressive suit. you can see in the photos that I am going to post here how a lifeless staircase has become the centrepiece of the house. I have gathered a wide selection of runners in variety…

Are you  planning to shop on the net

Are you planning to shop on the net

If you’re planning to shop on the net, kudos to you. shop on the net. I even have an internet site! But coming to my store and making me show you all the different designs and qualities and taking pictures ( although I have a sign that specifically says photography not allowed!) and then telling…


Kilim covered Footstool

My newest creation is this Kilim-Covered Footstool. The footstool is fully restored. New foam, wadding, and also lining underneath the Kilim. This beautiful piece could be used as a table, bench,… as whatever you wish it to be! It is all done by myself from covering to tacking. I haven’t decided on the price yet.…

Do Rugs Tell Stories?

Do Rugs Tell Stories?

Rugs, in general, tell us where they come from, who makes them and how the pattern came to existence. If the dye is natural or not. In my opinion, they don’t tell stories like a book, except for a few. I guess spending so much time with my rugs, didn’t allow me to realize that…


Changing interior never been so easy!

Need to replace fitted carpet? Or need to redo the floor? To replace your floors is time-consuming and expensive. The simplest and fastest way to change your interior is to put a beautiful rug on the floor. Add a piece of art to your floors(That is what rugs are). Simple and fast. Purchase and unroll.…


When it comes to rugs…

When we decide to buy something, we normally set a budget which we do not like to surpass. However, when it comes to rugs, we should be a bit more flexible with the budget. After all we are purchasing an item that will last or even outlasts us. So going over the budget sensibly is…

carpet weaving

History of the Persian carpet

Although there are several references in the holy books and ancient manuscripts to the first efforts of mankind at weaving, there is no evi­dence that such references apply to the pile rug. What little is known of the origins of the pile rug is based on suppositions, nevertheless accord­ing to scientific and historical studies, we…

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