Rug first aid tips

As far as maintaining your rug, regular hoovering is a good start. By regular hoovering, you prevent dust and other particles to penetrate into the pile.

Make sure to attend hard to reach and hidden areas regularly. Those areas if unattended will be perfect location for moths to spray their eggs(Outcome will be catastrophic).

If your hoover is an upright hoover, chances are that your hoover has a brush, these brushes although practical, are not so practical when it concerns the fringe. the brush grabs the fringe and eventually rips it from your rug. It is recommended that you use the suction accessories that come with your hoover. if you have a housemaid, they need to be told. I have seen it in many cases that the help is more concerned to finish and leave than to care about your rug( of course there is always exception to the rule)

Removing stains:  To remove red wine ( that is, if you noticed the spilled wine). it is handy to keep table salt nearby when you serve red wine! just apply a generous amount of salt onto the spot and let it absorb the liquid, you will notice the pink colour that climbs up the salt. after you feel that the salt has done its job, hoover the salt away, again by using the suction part of your hoover.

to remove other stains such as food or mud or…, first remove the solid particles, then make a soap with tepid water solution (washing-up liquid will do). With a clean white cloth using the soap solution, wipe the spot only in the direction of the nap. it is also a good idea to use a spoon to scoop out the spilled food.

It is recommended to have your rug cleaned every four years. do not use steam cleaners!

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